The Ultimate Resource To Developing A Holistic Approach To Golf Instruction

Our goal is to provide passionate Individuals with the tools necessary for them to become expert teachers and coaches in all aspects of golf. Leadbetter Golf University will enable a person to become highly educated to teach the game they love holistically to all levels of players, thereby guaranteeing a good income while at the same time helping to ensure the future of the game.

As I have evolved as a teacher over the years, I have always embraced a holistic approach to the game combined with a team effort. I have had the fortune to be able to befriend some of the greatest minds in the world of golf and I am grateful to combine those brilliant minds into one place to provide this educational resource for all.

My goal with the Leadbetter Golf University is to continue our legacy of being the authority on golf instructor education. Whether you wish to simply browse through various courses offerings, develop your all-around versatility as an instructor, or to specialize in a certain area of the game, you will have the ability to customize your training plan through our online offerings.

Enjoy the journey ahead and embrace the learning process.

Our Industry-Leading Experts

David Leadbetter
Chairperson/LG Founder
Andrew Nicholson
LGA European Head of Coaching
Sean Hogan
LGA Director of Instruction
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Paul Dyer
Master Certified Leadbetter Instructor and Head of LGA Germany
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Robin Symes
LGA Director of Asia
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Dr. Martin Toms
Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching
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Head of the Under Under Armour Innovation Center
Co-Founder, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute
Els for Autism
Course Contributor