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Instructed by Stuart Clayton

Course Length: 145 hrs

Undertake our LGA Certification to become a fully trained & certified Leadbetter Golf Instructor. This in depth mentorship course will teach you David's philosophy and holistic approach to instruction helping you raise the standards of your instruction. Suitable for Professionals, High level amateurs looking to embark on a coaching career.
LGA Certification

Stuart Clayton
Head of Education

Application Criteria and Benefits

We pride ourselves on the training and certification program that all of our coaches go through to become Leadbetter Certified Instructors. In order to apply, please fill out the brief form on this page. Bear in mind that you should satisfy at least one of the criteria listed below in order to make an application:

  • Work at an LGA recognized facility (to view LGA recognized facilities, click here)
  • Have a history as a competitive golfer or high level of golf competency
  • A passion to learn and become well-versed in David Leadbetter's teaching philosophy

Benefits of becoming a Leadbetter Certified Instructor

  • Association with David Leadbetter and the elite group of LGA Certified Instructors
  • Ability to provide your clients with world-class instruction exclusive to the LGA teaching model
  • Support form LGA Word Headquarters for continuing education (the holistic approach to golf instruction)
  • Support from global marketing campaigns to aid in driving business
  • A global network of shared information through the people that make up the David Leadbetter Golf brand
After achieving LGA Certification and specific milestones, the instructor will have the opportunity to graduate to higher levels of classification. This includes Senior Certified Instructor, Master Certified Instructor, and the potential to become Director of an LGA Academy.