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What is means to be a Leadbetter Certified Instructor

In this program, the instructor will learn to develop their coaching toolbox in three main areas. The coach, the athlete and the business. While being able to develop and grow as an individual the instructor will embrace the Leadbetter philosophy and understand how to connect, inspire, communicate, develop with children while helping provide the environment and opportunity for the children to fall in love with this beautiful game.

Benefits of becoming a Leadbetter Certified Instructor include:

  • Association with David Leadbetter and the elite group of LGA Certified Instructors
  • Ability to provide your clients with world-class instruction exclusive to the LGA teaching model
  • Support from LGA World Headquarters for continuing education (the holistic approach to golf instruction)
  • Support from global marketing campaigns to aid in driving business
  • A global network of shared information through the people the make up the David Leadbetter Golf brand

After achieving LGA Certification and specific milestones, the instructor will have the opportunity to graduate to higher levels of classification. This includes Senior Certified Instructor, Master Certified Instructor, and the potential to become Director of an LGA Academy.